Sunday, September 19, 2010

Downy Woodpeckers

December 2010- I added these two photos of a male Downy Woodpecker taken recently in my backyard. The Downy is one of my favorite backyard birds.  I've put out extra suet and this large food block, which they really take to. 
Thus is the best closeup shot I've taken to date capturing the male's distinctive red spot.  What I like about the Downy too is they're not as skiddish as many other birds.  I was maybe eight feet away when I took these, standing out in the open.  It knew I was there and didn't fly away.  Gotta like that!
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For weeks now I've been trying hard to get down with the Downy Woodpeckers that visit my backyard for the suet I keep out there. 

They find the suet quite tasty and are back and forth on my three set ups numerous times daily.
I must admit I sought help from birding friends in identifying this small salt and pepper bird.  I had never heard of the Downy Woodpecker species, thinking this couldn't be a 'pecker because it is so small. 
I became especially intrigued by the Downy when I began noticing the red spot on the male's head. 
I like the "W" on the back of this guy's head-- "W" as in Woodpecker I guess!
I've been setting a chair behind an azalea shrub to try to stay hidden but there have been occasions when I've been even closer and more open and the Downy still comes down for a treat

It has just a little, bitty mouth!

The Downy Woodpecker has been a very challenging litte bird to photograph.  I've deleted many, many out-of-focus, poorly lighted pix.  Patience and persistience have been needed to get down with the Downy! 
Unique bird this Downy Woodpecker.  Keep coming around my yard.  I'll make sure there's always suet for you!  October 2010- Just added the photo below.  A Downy Woodpecker in my backyard and a golfer in the background. 

For more on Downy Woodpeckers check this cool site:

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