Sunday, April 8, 2018

How In The World?

That's what I was left wondering when I saw this tire stuck in a tree about 25-30 feet high in a median along Interstate 26.

How in the world did that tire get up there?

I have seen some terrible car accidents in the three-plus years I've been commuting to my job in Orangeburg. This site is a real head-scratcher.

I first noticed the tire a few weeks ago. I jotted down the location so I could remember where to look for it.  It's on the left side of I-26 west about three miles before the intersection with I-95.

This is a pretty remote section of I-26. One day last week, I decided it was the time to pull over and take some photographs.

Traffic was light so I felt safe to pull over. Another landmark is that you can see the exit sign for St. George and Santee. Note the sign in the distance ahead from my car.

I snapped this after I took several photos.

So, after parking, I carefully crossed the interstate and
approached the tree with the tire. It is, as stated, located in the

In this image, you can see how high up in the tree the tire is lodged. Or maybe I should say parked...ha ha.

Yep, here it is, perfectly and securely stuck in the split "V" of this tree. Nice catch, right?

I could not think of a logical story of how this happened. When I shared the story and these photos with someone, he theorized that it came from a truck carrying a load of old tires. For whatever reason, this tire flew out of the back and ended up here.

Good thing it didn't hit a car!

This explanation makes sense. Anyone else with ideas, please let me know.

Just to prove I was there, I guess.

So, the tall tale of the treed tire has been told.

A few days later when there was no traffic behind me I slowed down and took slow motion video with my iPhone7.

Check it out below. The tire can be seen about three seconds into the clip.

What can I say, it's normally a very dull drive!

Three seconds in, see the tired tree, so to speak.

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