Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Plant Begs the Question: I'm Your Daisy- Or Am I?

I took this photo today from my back porch. I bought this orange “Garvinea Sweet Glow Gerber Daisy” to add a little pop to the backyard plants.
The late afternoon sun cast a nice light on the flower, making it stand out from the background. I like too how the birdhouse looks in the background as well as the pine trees and other foliage.  

On my iPad I used Snapseed to process the image, applying its HDR and Faded Glow effects, then found a frame that I like.  

I really started this post as a test in hopes I could do blog posts on my iPad. But, alas, I found I could not add the photograph on the iPad.  I was able to save the writing, but, darn, couldn't put in the picture, so here I am back in the office (instead of my comfy sofa) on my PC finishing up this post.

So, through this exercise I've learned a couple things: iPads and Blogger aren't very compatible and also that my "Gerber Daisy" as the label reads is really a "Gerbera Daisy" and according to this Southern Living article I may be lucky if the flower lasts a few weeks.

Well, glad I have this photo at least!  

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