Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wrong Wren!

Something is out of place on this bulletin board in my garage. Can you see it?

It is quite an assemblage of photographs, sports letters, ticket stubs, business cards and other random items.

Maybe this Carolina Wren is a fan of the former Chicago Cubs (now Miami Marlins) player Starlin Castro, who is pictured on this 2012 Cubs schedule. The Wren seems to be giving Starlin a close look anyway.
A pair of Carolina Wrens were in my garage when I went in it to look for something. The garage door had been open for a few hours.

For whatever reasons Wrens often enter the garage when it’s open like this. The one flew out pretty quickly when I entered, but this one became panicked and flew over to the area by the house door. As it landed on things, I thought that would make for good photos. I gently opened the door to go inside to get my camera, hoping the bird would not go in with me, which it didn’t thankfully.

 So as you see I got a few nice shots and the Wren eventually made it back outside where it belongs.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hawk Backyard Feeding Feast!

Back in March, I took these photos from my backyard. The poor Muscovy duck, I think, had been sick and that made it easy pickings for predators such as this Red-shouldered Hawk. I had seen the duck laying in this spot a day or two earlier and didn’t think that much about it.