Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hawk Backyard Feeding Feast!

Back in March, I took these photos from my backyard. The poor Muscovy duck, I think, had been sick and that made it easy pickings for predators such as this Red-shouldered Hawk. I had seen the duck laying in this spot a day or two earlier and didn’t think that much about it.
This is the nature of nature. Survival of the fittest. Being opportunistic.
Not at all a pretty site. It is what it is.
A Canada Goose passed by, thinking, perhaps, gulp, glad that’s not me!
Hawk: Don’t judge me! I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do to thrive and survive. 
I posted these gruesome pictures on Facebook and a few of its South Carolina birding and nature sites in which I have membership.  I noted there, as I do here, that by the next morning, the Muscovy carcass, feathers- everything- was gone! That surprised me.  

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