Monday, September 17, 2018

My "Hurricane Florence Beard Challenge"

Day 1- Flo Beard Challenge
I had a lot of unexpected time at home with Hurricane Florence threatening the Southeast coast. At school Monday, Sept. 10 we learned from South Carolina’s Gov. Henry McMaster that state agencies in half of the state’s counties closest to the coast would be closed indefinitely starting the next morning.

Florence at that time was a Category 4 hurricane and would at times increase to Category 5 in the following days. So it was certainly a wise decision by the governor. Better safe than sorry!

Preparing for hurricanes is not fun. This would be the third year in a row. In 2016 it was Matthew and last September it was Irma. Add what would become known as the “Thousand Year Flood” in fall 2015 and we’ve had four straight years of severe weather worries.

One thing I did to keep myself entertained, I guess you could say, would be to not shave until Florence was gone. As slow as this storm moved, I did not shave for a week, from last Tuesday to this Tuesday. This is about the longest I’ve let my facial hair go and grow! So why not document it on my blog with these daily photos I took during our Blow From Flo Sept. 11-17.
Day 3- weekend growth- used to this

Day 4- getting scruffy and still no rain from Florence
Day 5- Saturday- Charleston area getting rain and gusts, but nothing too bad

Day 6- Gold's Gym reopens- for the Charleston area, the worst is over from Florence. We were fortunate to be on the outer fringe of the massive storm.

Day 7- Good riddance Hurricane Florence and my weeklong beard! School resumes tomorrow and I'm going to shave. Guess I'm not really a beard guy after all!  

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