Friday, October 26, 2018

Popular Pix Enhance Photo Fun

Facebook seeks engagement and it has certainly become more engaging to me. Why? How?
Specialty sites within Facebook have helped me find people of similar interests.

Case in point, this picture I snapped with my iPhone Monday night on Coming Street near the College of Charleston.

Not Rainbow Row but colorful still...

I froze in my tracks on the sidewalk when I saw the pair of old Charleston Single Houses ("icons of Charleston architecture," according to this link), their contrasting colors, the bright street lamp in front of the pink dwelling, and the strong moon glow pouring down from above. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

ACE Basin Basking!

Fall debuted a few weeks ago but the hot, humid and hurricane weather (thanks to Florence and Michael) continued into October.

Last weekend was significantly cooler and sunny too so on Sunday Alesia and I drove down to the Hollings National Wildlife Refuge in the Lowcountry's beautiful ACE Basin.

Since it was Sunday we had to park a ways away from the old (but restored) Grove Plantation House, which dates to the 1820s. Today it serves as the refuge's office. Check the embedded link for a timeline of the historic structure.

The house and surrounding grounds are interesting photo material by themselves.

Several of my photos, processed his the Snapseed app, follow.