Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Spree of Ospreys

A fun thing about bird and nature photography is the unexpected encounters and opportunities. Such was the case Sunday during a visit to my parents’ house on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. In the afternoon I walked around the area near the house.

At nearby Crane’s Creek I saw an Osprey nesting platform. It was closer to land than others I had seen.
As I first tried to take some photos, the Osprey flew away, but not far away. It circled around and eventually settled back on the nest. I had walked away, hoping the it would return. Trying to be less visible behind a tree, I was then able to take these photos. It wasn’t until later after transferring the pictures to my iPad that I found what a busy nest Momma Osprey was tending.

I don’t recall ever seeing more than one baby in a nest. This one had three. Maybe the survival rate isn’t very high. But I do hope these three will live long and prosper. 
Two of the little ones are seen in this frame.  The Osprey is such a beautiful and majestic bird. It’s pleasing to see so many man-made platforms for them in the Chesapeake Bay region. 
This female’s (presumably) mate was nearby keeping an eye on things from this tree. 
My parents enjoy this Osprey platform from their waterfront home. My Dad had a hand in building it several years ago. 
When the platform gets old, these posts are popular hangouts.
Coastal South Carolina has a healthy population of Ospreys. It is good to see so many here in Virginia too. 
Ospreys will always be one of my favorite birds, even though this one is giving me a dirty look as I unsuccessfully tried to hide from view behind a tree. 

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