Friday, October 11, 2019

Folly Beach- Fun on the Edge of America

Nicknamed “The Edge of America,” Folly Beach is friendly, fun and a little funky. The Charleston area has so many special places and this is certainly one of them.

And to be able to catch some rays in early October was pretty special too.

We parked near what is still often called the old Coast Guard station off the main road where parking is still free.

Temperatures were in the low 80s with winds light to heavy at times.

The beachfront homes seemed to be OK after Hurricane Dorian about a month ago.

It was our first time back at Folly since the 2018 summer, I believe. Sullivan’s Island has become our beach of choice.

Folly Beach has a whole other vibe to it and look in some ways. It was fun to be back.

The Morris Island Lighthouse is a big draw for me. We walked along the beach to get a closeup look and snap some pictures. I’m a longtime member of the Save the Light group that is working to stabilize and refurbish the 1870 beacon that used to be on land. Erosion forced it out to sea. 

The gusty wind on this Sunday ideal for adventurous windsurfers and kite boarders. 

The kiteboarders were really out in force. 

A few shore birdies were around too. 

Sanderlings- that’s this bird. 
The county park that is now on the old Coast Guard grounds has this wonderful sign showing the many birds that may be seen on or near the beach. 

I am going to use the sign to identify the above birds. I narrowed it down to a couple types. Later I went to to find out for sure that Sanderling is the type I photographed. 

It was really nice to spend some time back at Folly Beach. The lighthouse looked great and people all seemed to be having a good time here on the Edge of America. 

Like I said, Folly Beach is fun, friendly and funky! 

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