"In the Arms of Angels" Magnolia Cemetery Book

"In the Arms of Angels" (ISBN # 978-0-9847498-1-2) is a tribute to one of America's most beautiful and historic Victorian cemeteries.

Opened in 1850, Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, S.C. is a vast 150-acre outdoor funerary art exhibit. It features a rich array of grave markers, monuments and memorials.

Patrick Harwood's 2014 large, full color 234-page book celebrates the beauty and mystique of this hidden treasure of history, art, horticulture, and landscape architecture. The book features Harwood's photographs Magnolia Cemetery's most beautiful and impressive monuments and memorials.

His writing reveals details about the lives- and deaths- of the people and families interred below and within the finely crafted sculptures of Victorian influenced gravesites.

More on this book can be found on this BirdsEyeView's link and on its Amazon site.

To order the book, contact Patrick Harwood at birdseyeviewspublications@gmail.com. "In the Arms of Angels" is widely available at Charleston area shops, stores and historic sites. It can also be ordered through Amazon.

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