"Bird Photography from A to Z" Book (soft cover)

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October 2016

New Book Celebrates 
Bird and Nature Photography 

Journalist and nature photographer Patrick Harwood, a communications instructor at South Carolina State University and the College of Charleston, has written and photographed a new book that he calls an homage to the fun, healthy, interesting and rewarding hobby of bird and nature photography.

This book is titled "Nature-ly Fun! Bird Photography From A to Z" (ISBN # 0984749829). Its 81 pages are filled with hundreds of Harwood's photographs including more than 85 different types of birds.

Cover of the new book
"I hope my book will inspire people," Harwood said, "especially young kids who spend too much time inside with their phones, games and computers to put down those digital devices, go outside and explore nature."

Nature and bird photography is a healthy and wholesome hobby that anyone at any age can take up, Harwood added.

A communication professor with a background in broadcast journalism and public relations, Harwood said he has always been a shutterbug, but really started to get into birds and bird photography in 2008 when he came across a pair of Wood Storks while visiting Charleston, S.C.'s beautiful and historic Magnolia Cemetery, a large Victorian necropolis founded in 1850.

Harwood wrote two books about Magnolia Cemetery prior to his new bird photography one.

Back of the new book
The 26 letters of the alphabet are used by Harwood to extol the many virtues of the bird and nature photography hobby.
"A" is for adventure, "B" for beauty, "C" for challenges, for example. He wrote a short essay and includes several of his photographs to further illustrate each word he selected for each alphabet letter.

He says the idea for this format came from a 2012 documentary, "Birders: The Central Park Effect," that aired on HBO. One of the New York City enthusiasts in the program said he gives seven reasons when asked why he is so into birding.

Harwood said the seven reasons corresponded with his own feelings for the hobby. He said he filed away the idea of making his own list and expanding it to 26 reasons, hence the "Birding From A to Z" concept.

Barbados Green Monkey 
The book also has a section called "Best of the Rest" that features different types of photographs Harwood has always enjoyed taking, other than his bird and nature ones.

The categories include: other animals, odd and unusual encounters, creepy houses, lighthouses, clouds, sunrises and sunsets, and reflections and shadows.

Harwood credits his membership in the Carolinas' Nature Photographers Association (CNPA) with helping him improve as a photographer.

Harwood is a communication professor at South Carolina State University. He also teaches at the College of Charleston. He holds degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University (B.S. Mass Communications) and Northwestern University (M.S.J. Journalism). He resides with his wife Alesia in North Charleston, S.C.

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