Saturday, March 11, 2017

Preaching to the Choir at Charleston's Audubon Society

I knew there would be kindred spirits when I spoke to Charleston's Audubon and Natural History Society on March 8.

There was an impressive turnout for my talk, which take place in an auditorium in Duckett Hall on the campus of The Citadel.  Many thanks to Paul Nolan who coordinated my visit and did a lot of advance publicity work.
Alesia took this photo at my March 8 Audubon Society presentation
The presentation centered on my passion for nature and birds- and particularly my nature and bird photography.  I collected my thoughts, fondness, tips and tactics about this hobby in my new book, "Nature-ly Fun: Bird Photography From A to Z".

My book signing before and after the talk went very well too. Audubon is an organization Alesia and I are talking about joining. I touted the many things I've learned being a member of the Carolinas' Nature Photographers Association (CNPA) and can see the benefits of also being part of the local Audubon group.

Explaining the "A to Z" concept of my new bird/nature photography book
Thanks again for the hospitality and attentiveness Audubon Society members!
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