Monday, December 24, 2018

Orangeburg Book Signing a Fun Day!

On Saturday, Dec. 22, just a few days before Christmas, I was part of a book signing at Swift Books in Orangeburg. The shop, owned by Dean and Edie Swift, is located on Chestnut Street in the Five Rivers Market antique mall.

I love the antique mall!  Before leaving I returned nearly half the money I made selling books after buying some Christmas gifts for the family.

I found some really unique items so it's all good!

Another treat was meeting these fellow authors and novelists who were also in on the Swift Books signing event.

They are part of Laurence Thackston's Rivers Turn Press. That's him on the left in this photo.

Seated next to him and Katie Sullivan Masalin and Sean Keefer. The young lady in the background was shadowing Laurence as part of a project at Edisto High School.

We exchanged copies of our books, which was really cool!  I have started reading Sean's "The Trust" and believe it's really going to be good.

Santa Claus was there too!

I have already received the best gifts possible by having my two boys home with us for Christmas. The rest is gravy, which by the way I will hopefully have plenty of with our holiday meals.

I realized last night that I have met many fellow authors since publishing my first book in 2011. I have exchanged books with them or bought copies.

I thought it would be neat to have them all together on a shelf along with my four books.

Adding to this collection in the future will be a goal.

I would like to give thanks to Dean and Edie Swift for the opportunity they gave me and the fellow authors on this Saturday before Christmas.

And thanks too to SC State's University Relations staff for getting out this news release in advance of the event, especially Chaundra Mikell, public relations coordinator, who revised and made better my original release.

Colleague Joshua Mims was to be part of the signing, but unfortunately, he took ill and could not make it. Maybe next year Joshua. Dean and Edie have already invited us back!

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