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Book Signing Set for Saturday, Dec. 15

                                             Click above to see a YouTube video about Magnolia Cemetery!

Here's an idea for a unique and classy holiday gift!  I will be signing copies of "The Birds of Magnolia Cemetery: Charleston's Secret Bird Sanctuary" on Saturday, Dec. 15, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.  The location will be, where else?  Magnolia Cemetery.

What an unusual place for a book signing, I know.  But it makes perfect sense given the book's subject:  how this beautiful and historic cemetery is an unlikely haven for many types of birds, year-round.

The book is 130-pages, featuring more than 400 color photographs of nearly 50 different types of birds, all found in the intimate and offbeat setting of Magnolia Cemetery, founded in 1850.  The cemetery is a "who's who" of Charleston history and also has a large Confederate representation with the graves of more than 1,700 men who fought and served in the great war.

What surprises many people is how Magnolia Cemetery is also a haven for a wide variety of birds. Two ponds, nearby salt marshes, the Cooper River, and the cemetery's quiet and peaceful location make for a thriving ecosystem that attracts a wide array of birds from large herons, egrets, wood storks and osprey to smaller birds and ducks such as belted kingfishers, yellow-rumped warblers, mallards and hooded mergansers.

Longtime Magnolia Cemetery superintendent Beverly Donald endorsed the book, saying: "The efforts put forth by Patrick Harwood in composing this book draw you in and invite you to join his experiences at Magnolia Cemetery. I feel this book would be a wonderful addition to everyone's collection."  (An interview with Donald about her years running Magnolia Cemetery can be read here.)

Published by BirdsEyeViews and printed locally by Knight Printing and Graphics, the book sells for $29.95 (two for $55).  Only checks and cash will be accepted at this signing event.

Magnolia Cemetery is located at 70 Cunnington Ave., which is off Meeting Street Road near Morrison Drive and Santi's restaurant. For directions, call the cemetery at (843) 722-8638.

For more information about this event or to purchase the book, contact me, Patrick Harwood, at 843.224.3112,, or (leave a comment or question on this blog. I hope to see you on Saturday, Dec. 15 at Magnolia Cemetery.

A Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Takes Flight at Magnolia Cemetery
I am also excited to report that I am working on a second book about Magnolia Cemetery. This one is about the unique cemetery art there, in terms of the many magnificent monuments and markers. The book will feature photographs and descriptions about many of the most striking gravesites and there will be stories about the people buried beneath them.

I am hopeful this book will be finished by the end of 2013 or early 2014.  See more details about this book here.

(Added 2013) Click here to see a short slideshow showing some of the magnificent memorials featured in my new book!

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