Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Hoodie" Delights at Magnolia Cemetery!

A stop this past Saturday at Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery on the way home from some downtown activities resulted in a bounty of bird photographs.

I was pleased to see so many Hooded Mergansers in the front lagoon. For years now, they have migrated here from their northern climes, coming around October-November. They'll stay until March-April before returning home.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sapsucker Surprise at ACE Basin Refuge!

A sunny and mild winter day at the Donnelley Wildlife Management Area in the ACE Basin (Green Pond, S.C.) would deliver a Sunday sapsucker surprise.

Like the other state Department of Natural Resources WMA near the South Carolina coast, Donnelley is vast, comprised of thousands of acres of protected property that can be driven or walked (or both) for a quick visit or all day excursion.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cooper's Hawk "Lifer"- Right in My Backyard!

On Sunday, Alesia alerted me to a hawk in our backyard, checking out the busy feeders, no doubt. I grabbed my camera and was able to take several photos through a window before the hawk flew away. 

Initially, I thought this was a Red-shouldered Hawk. But after posting this picture on Facebook, including the site for the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association (CNPA), a couple fellow birders said it may be a Cooper's Hawk instead of a Red-shouldered.  My friend and neighbor Richard pointed out the long tail, which is distinctive to the Cooper I now know.  

So I went to my go-to source for such questions: whatbird.com's Bird Identification Forum.

Nice to have another "lifer" bird- especially in my own backyard. And thanks to the birding community for the identification assist!  

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Amsterdam Kizoa Slide Show

Previously, I posted my "Birds of Amsterdam" pictorial, showing 15 or so different types of birds I photographed during a visit to The Netherlands in December.

This post shows many of the other things Alesia and I took in during the three days we had to sigh see in this interesting old European city.  

I decided to put my shots together using the free Kizoa platform, which I like very much and have my college students use for different projects each semester. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Birds of The Netherlands

In December I made a short visit to Amsterdam where Alesia has been working with her consulting job. What a thrill for me to head back to Europe for the first time since being born in what was then West Germany more than half a century ago!

We had three days to explore the ancient city and really packed in a lot. Visited Museums included the Rembrandt House, Van Gogh, Dutch WWII Resistance, Jewish Holocaust, Maritime, and "Our Lord in the Attic." Each was so amazing and interesting.

Amsterdam's public train, tram and bus systems are really good. And kudos to Alesia for purchasing for us I Am Amsterdam cards, which for one set fee gave us hassle (and Euro) free access to all transportation needed and dozens of Amsterdam's best sites and attractions.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Book Signing Blitz A Blast!

Whew! The past few weeks have been busy and intense! Final classes, exams and grading at South Carolina State and College of Charleston, plus five book signings since Nov. 19 that ended yesterday at the Barnes and Noble in North Charleston.

Yesterday's B and N stop was a fitting end to my book signing blitz.

Four other Charleston authors participated in the afternoon event. I enjoyed seeing these old friends and making a new one.

From left we have: cookbook author extraordinaire Nathalie Dupree, novelist Melissa Wiggins (aka M. Susanne Wiggins), history and religion writer Skip Johnson and Holly Herrick, also an accomplished cookbook author.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Book Signing News!

So proud of my three books! 

"Black Friday" at Mount Pleasant's Wild Birds Unlimited was a big success and neat experience, meeting so many fellow bird and nature lovers!
Thanks for the support Victoria Hansen! 

They included WCIV-TV news anchor Victoria Hansen who stopped by to buy two of my books to give as Christmas gifts- great idea!  

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Eagle Has Landed! My New Bird Book Has Arrived!

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the Carolinas and while I still have power in my house, I wanted to post the news that I've taken delivery on the first batch of my new book, "Nature-ly Yours! Bird Photography From A to Z." (ISBN # 0984749829).

October 3, 2016 they finally arrived!
And I am so pleased with the job Whitlock Business Systems (formerly 360 Digital Books) and its contractor have done with the printing and binding. I definitely recommend this company to other authors and those with printing needs.

I am proud to say my book is printed in America! (and I say so in the book).  Whitlock is located near Detroit and its binder is in Indiana. Midwest quality at its finest!

The book is now available on Amazon for $19.95 (plus shipping). Here is the link to my Amazon author's page.

You can also purchase signed copies from me directly, at the same price. If interested, please email me at birdseyeviewspublications@gmail.com.