Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birding Hot Day Hot Spot (Part 2)

Charleston's historic Magnolia Cemetery is the final resting place for many prominent people throughout the Holy City's history.  Hundreds of Civil War Confederates are also buried there, including a few hundred South Carolinians killed at Gettysburg.  The cemetery's ponds, Cooper River proximity and marshes make it a popular bird habitat. 

This posting is the second part featuring photos I took at Magnolia Cemetery in late July on a blistering hot and humid day.  This is probably my favorite photo from that outing- a Snowy Egret at a pond next to the remains of an old tree.
A pair of White Ibis standing by at Magnolia Cemetery
The distinctive American Anhinga at the top of this tree (note its webbed feet) and just below is an American Bittern.   
This Wood Stork's open beak indicates just how hot a day it was. My car gauge indicated 99 degrees outside while there then climbed to 102 during the drive home.

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