Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunday Morning Pileated Woodpecker Treat!

Last Sunday morning was a bit chilly but clear outside so I decided to read the newspaper on my back porch. I was soon rewarded with an unexpected birding adventure when I started hearing the unmistakable sounds of a woodpecker at work.

Scanning the horizon, I spotted a Pileated Woodpecker on a pine tree across the No. 15 fairway of Coosaw Creek where I live. I thought it unusual that the bird was just feet above the ground.

I quickly went inside to get my camera and unipod. Here are a few of my shots. The encounter definitely added some excitement to what started off as a lazy Sunday morning! 
Love the flaming red "hair"
By all of the holes in this pine tree, there must be some tasty insects to eat

You can tell in this shot how the Pileated is so close to the ground, which I found very unusual

Here it is, head in hole, searching for a snack

A good little Sunday treat for me, this sighting. Just goes to show what a fun hobby birding and photography can be. I'm always ready for a quick response when the unexpected arises, even on Sunday morning!

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