Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Hoodie" Delights at Magnolia Cemetery!

A stop this past Saturday at Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery on the way home from some downtown activities resulted in a bounty of bird photographs.

I was pleased to see so many Hooded Mergansers in the front lagoon. For years now, they have migrated here from their northern climes, coming around October-November. They'll stay until March-April before returning home.

The male Hoodie is a thing of beauty! Very handsome and striking, wouldn't you agree?  

The female has a more understated elegance.  

They do make an attractive couple!  

They all stay pretty close together moving gracefully around the pond.  

Saturday it was in the 70s and just such a clear and beautiful day to be outdoors!  

Alesia looked very pretty in pink by these azalea shrubs which are blooming early in what has been a pretty warm winter so far.  

Another neat bird sighting on this day was a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron, which caught my attention flying over the pond and landing on this tree that overlooks the water. 

The Night Heron has those distinctive glowing red eyes!

The petite Pied-billed Grebe is a common site at Magnolia Cemetery. These birds seem to be loners. 

Magnolia Cemetery is always a fun place to visit and one that rarely disappoints me with its variety of birds, not to mention all the interesting markers, monuments and memorials.  

I have written two books about Magnolia Cemetery on these two topics: its birds and vast variety of beautiful, interesting and historic grounds and "residents." For more on my books, go to my Amazon site, contact me at birdseyeviewspublications@gmail.com, or see the postings on this site about my publications- click on the tabs under the header at the top for links to my three books.  

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