Monday, March 12, 2018

Panoramic Views of Charleston's Magnolia Cemetery

With my iPhone 7, one of my favorite features is the "Pano" or panoramic photo setting. Every now and then I'll put down my Canon DSLR and give the iPhone's pano setting a shot, if I think a wide perspective might produce something interesting.

As many pictures that I have taken at Magnolia Cemetery (about which I have written two books filled with my color photographs), it wasn't until this past Saturday that I tried the pano approach.  Please click on the images to see them larger.

The cemetery is so large and expansive (150 acres) with more than 30,000 burials. I tried to capture the stone necropolis in these images.
There is such a variety in the types of grave markers that present such interesting and diverse visuals. A massive but elegant sarcophagus is at the center of the above panorama.
The bust of William Ashmead Courtenay, a Confederate Army veteran who would become a mayor of Charleston commands this view.
This was a fun and interesting endeavor to try to show Magnolia Cemetery in a different way. 
This final pano is from the back part of the cemetery. It is taken from inside a large plot that is surrounded by a lovely iron fence. A lagoon and the iconic Smith Pyramid can be seen in the background. 
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