Saturday, December 7, 2019

Gorgeous Skies!

A simple walk back to the car after a workout at the gym can produce a photography moment. You have to love the ease and access of smartphones and their ever-improving cameras.

I did do some enhancements in the Snapseed app, bringing out the colors using the HDR tool. The Charleston paper has a weekly photo contest. This week’s topic, with winning entries shown in tomorrow’s paper, is twilight. I entered this first image. Fingers crossed... Update: see below- my photo won!!!

This one is pretty cool too. 

This last image I made with my iPhone’s panorama feature. 

What a thrill this morning to open the paper and see that my twilight photo was one of three selected as winning entries!  I'm planning to enter this week's contest. The subject is clouds. And, man, have I taken some cloud photos in recent years. 

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