Saturday, February 22, 2020

Hello Cedar Waxwings!

I don’t often see the interesting masked Cedar Waxwing, but have twice the last two weeks, once in my backyard and then in my front yard. They like the berries on our holly shrubs- and the water in the birdbath. American Robins have been accompanying the Waxwings. The two birds seem to be partners in crime!

This first photo shows the Waxwing’s yellow-tipped tail and red-tipped wings.

Curiously, according to, a collection of Waxwings is called a "museum"
or an "ear-full." With their distinctive masks, a better name might be a "bandit," "gang," or "conspiracy" of Waxwings. 

Here's another odd collective name. For American Robins (below) it's "worm." 

It has been a strange winter so far. The azaleas seem confused as the ones in my yard have started to bloom weeks ahead of schedule. 

Still, we have several weeks to go until spring officially begins on March 19. The precious azalea flowers may be long gone by then! Hope not. 

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Wood said...

Beautiful birds.