Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I had an incredible encounter with an Osprey recently! 
I've photographed Osprey before but never from this close. The large fish it is clutching in its right claw seemed to make it less willing to fly off as Osprey usually do when they catch site of humans from much greater distances.
Going eye-to-eye with the regal Osprey like this is a nature/bird photography highlight for me.
Osprey are also known as Fish Hawks.  Another reason this one stayed put with me staring straight up at it from the ground below, I think, is because it was calling out to is partner to come share in the fish feast.
With big, brilliant and bright eyes and a sharp, can opener of a beak the Osprey is well-equipped for successful fishing.
I was glad to get a shot like this that showed the wings in full extension- six feet plus-- as tall as I am!
       This chance encounter was the chance of a lifetime- one I may never get again, so I'm happy to get the images I did.  Live long and prosper Osprey!
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