Tuesday, December 21, 2010

American Goldfinch

What a pleasant surprise this winter to start seeing American Goldfinches frequenting my backyard feeders!
I had to do some research to correctly identify.  I learned the Goldfinch is sporting its winter plumage so the bright yellow I associate with this bird isn't apparent-- however yesterday I did see a more yellow one at my feeder.  I'm hoping to capture one of these on camera soon- if they come back.
I'd like to see the male in its breeding plumage which features a black circle at the top of its head.  Check it out on this website: http://whatbird.wbu.com/obj/91/_/American_Goldfinch.aspx

The American Goldfinch has a striking wing pattern which really stands out when you see it from behind
The straight line created by the wing pattern is an unusual and distinctive look, don't you think?  Almost like a shawl or wrap.
Hey buddy!  Save some for the rest of the birds!
I hope to be adding more American Goldfinch pictures this winter.  I have a thistle bag out which in other photos I've seen them using.  But so far the finches in my yard prefer the regular seed feeders and suet.

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