Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Beach Scenes- Summer Sizzlers

Sunday, June 30 at Sullivan’s Island’s Station 17 was a sunny, peaceful place to be. Not too many people were there, which was a nice surprise.  I made a collage with four favorite photos.

The most interesting picture is the U.S. Coast Guard cutter that came into Charleston Harbor. I figured it was a Charleston-based ship returning to home port. But later at home when I googled it’s 757 number I learned that was not the case. 

The below (photo and info) as shared on Facebook’s South Carolina Picture Project, is what I found out:

What is likely the newest U.S. Coast Guard cutter, the Midgett (named for family members of heroic Guardsman and other life-saving services), came into Charleston Harbor today. According to Wikipedia, the $500 million 418 foot vessel was delivered to the Coast Guard in April of this year, will be commissioned in August, and will be stationed in Honolulu. It is stopping in Charleston as part of its maiden voyage, apparently.
The Facebook post has had 415 likes, 35 messages and several shares. Someone posted more information about the Midgett and another said her “Mister” is stationed on the Coast Guard cutter.
The other ship of the day was this massive Cosco Shipping vessel steaming out to sea after being filled with containers at one of Charleston’s ports. 
‘‘Twas another pleasing and pleasant day at the beach. We plan to return 4th of July when it will surely be much more crowded. 

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