Thursday, February 1, 2018

Charleston Port Robins

I took the chance last weekend, while attending a College of Charleston men's basketball game with my wife Alesia, to park at the top of the city garage near the South Carolina Aquarium and one of the Port of Charleston terminals.
The garage's top outside parking deck offers panoramic views of Charleston.

These are just four of Charleston's many churches with their majestic steeples. Charleston, for good reason, is known as the Holy City.
From another part of the garage can be seen the busy Port of Charleston terminal where BMW vehicles, manufactured in the Upstate of South Carolina (Greer, S.C.), are brought here by train to await transport on huge ships to locations around the world.
It's a sea of BMW SUVs!
Many military vehicles could also be seen amid the BMWs.
I've always enjoyed seeing what is coming and going from Charleston's port facilities, which are among the largest in the country.
A bonus to this brief parking garage "photo op" was seeing several American Robins. They were in this tree and that's the port in the background.
According to, my favorite birding website, American Robins are in the Thrush family, and a group of them is called a "worm." Ha!
The Robin is such a beautiful bird. I like its orange coloring and the distinctive white markings around its eyes.

I was glad I planned some extra time (15-20 minutes) before the basketball game so we could explore the interesting views offered from atop this city parking garage.
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